Crisis is Opportunity


"Crisis is Opportunity riding the winds of peril" - Chinese Proverb

Above is one of the Chinese symbols that translates Crisis.  It is actually made up of two words.  One is "critical point" and the other is "opportunity."  Thousands of years ago the Chinese understood that a crisis, although difficult produces opportunity.  Some of us might say today that when God closes one door He opens another.

Carpe Diem

In Investing, timing is everything!

Market Timing is the strategy of making buy or sell decisions of financial assets by attempting to predict future price movements.  Although, we cannot predict exactly where prices are going, we do feel confident that there is currently tremendous opportunity in real estate.  These are historical times.  We say Carpe Diem or "Seize the Day". Now is the time to invest in real estate.


Discovery Enterprises is a real estate investment company that invests in underperforming real estate or in real estate backed notes and mortgages.  On a selective basis we also invest in distressed or underperforming companies. 

Discovery will invest in the following real estate situations by either purchasing the entire project or, if appropriate, providing financing to a third party in which Discovery may or may not have an interest. Discovery Enterprises is comfortable purchasing assets in and outside of a bankruptcy.
  • Bank-Owned Pools of Residential Real Estate where property management, rental programs and other activities can reposition the properties for repackaging and sale.  In some cases we assist REO property managers in liquidations or in management for income producing purposes.
  • Financially Distressed or Stalled Real Estate Developments where new capital and expertise can create value in the property through a combination of project completion, project repositioning, marketing action plans and various asset disposition strategies.
  • Troubled Condo Conversions that are unable to complete the conversions as a result of insufficient capital, change in market dynamics, or missed market analysis or execution. Discovery Enterprises will develop an asset disposition program that will generally include interim rentals and continued condo sales through auctions and/or conventional sales programs. In some cases we manage condo rental and convert renters to homeowners through creative financing including owner financing.
  • Non-Performing Debt on real estate properties where through debt repurchase, restructuring and refinancing a performing asset can be created.
  • Discovery Enterprises will also invest, on an opportunistic basis, in distressed operating companies where the business can be turned around through operating improvements, debt restructuring, management restructuring, capital infusion and/or strategic repositioning.

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