Mission Statement

Our mission at Discovery and our family of associated companies is to maximize stakeholder value by investing in underperforming real estate or real estate backed notes and mortgages.


We accomplish our mission of maximizing stakeholder value by:

    • Being opportunistic in our buying
  • Securing each investor directly to a property
  • Providing transparency through the process
  • Aggressive marketing and property management
  • Providing excellent investor service and feedback

Our Advantages

    • Full Transparency
  • Investment Customization
  • Small Team of Decision Makers
  • Seasoned Real Estate Investors and Underwriters


"I would recommend that you consider them as a safe way to invest your money."

Isaac M., Investor

"He (David Huffman) is a man of upright character and integrity, one that you can trust to keep his word. I have known him for over 20 years..."

Al Whittinghill, Personal Reference

"...I believe that Discovery has taken the steps necessary to not only educate the investor about their business model but also report and remain as transparent as possible for the investor and purchaser throughout the financial relationship."

Alan McCurry, Local Banker

Management Team

David W. Huffman, President & CEO

Mr. Huffman has over 25 years experience in forming and running technology and real estate businesses. One of his most recent business ventures led to an acquisition by a DSL.net (NASDAQ: DSLN). He holds a B.A. from Auburn University School of Architecture and has done extensive residential and commercial development and construction. Mr. Huffman has the perfect entrepreneur spirit, as well as, the diversity in real estate investing, development, construction, mortgage lending, business experience, and financial strength to provide core leadership to Discovery Enterprises.

Jon David Huffman, COO

Jon David Huffman, son of David Huffman, has been actively involved with his father in the management of their business ventures for the past 13 years. His experience in management, understanding of construction, experience in real estate investing, and thorough understanding of economics and real estate cycles positions him uniquely to manage the operations of Discovery Enterprises. He holds a B.A in Management from Covenant College.